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We have 5 wonderful Pomeranians.   They live in our home and they make our family complete.  I couldn't imagine life without them!  They do not live in cages, they free roam in my house like every pet should.


Meet Maui. Maui is the father of all our Pomeranian babies.  His color is Wolf Sable Parti.  His coat is top notch. His personality is outstanding. He weighs in at 5 lbs and loves people and other animals. No one is a stranger to Maui. His favorite activities are to play fetch and sit on dads lap when he is on his computer. 


Meet Miami. Miami is a gorgeous Blue Merle.  She weighs 8 - 9 lbs.  She has the perfect coat, its soft and easy to manage. She is not just a puppy mom but she is the mom to everyone in the house. She makes her rounds to check that everyone is doing good and is happy.  If you're having a bad day, she knows it and will give you so many snuggles and kisses until you feel better. She is truly a joy to have in our family. 


Meet Malibu.  Malibu has had 3 beautiful litters.  She is my shadow, always at my heels or on my lap, we share a pillow at night. She loves following commands and playing with her giant ball outside. She is such a wonderful girl and my best friend. 


Meet Minnie Mouse.  Minnie is Miami's daughter.  She was the smallest puppy ever born with us.  She needed extra attention as a puppy and I became so attached to her that I couldn't let her go!  She is a year and a half old now and still just a tiny little thing.  I will not be breeding her because of her size.   Don't let her small size fool you, her personality is huge. 


Meet Sandy, the youngest in our family.  She is a red merle. She is so smart! and very sweet!  She is also a goof ball and keeps us very entertained with her huge personality.  She loves to make us laugh! We love her so much!

Our Pet Pomeranians

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