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About Us

We believe that how puppies and kittens are raised matters!

Our goal is to raise puppies and kittens to be healthy loving companions for you and your family.  Health is important to us because we want these babies to bless their new families for many years to come.  To get healthy babies we genetically health test all parents, they get the best veterinary care, are fed top of the line food and supplements.  Temperament is also super important as we are raising our babies to become your best friend.  All puppies and kittens are handled with love daily, we also expose them to different sounds and situations so they will be loving and confident before going to their new furever families. The dogs and cats we own are more than just our pets, they are our family members and our best friends. We know how they can positively impact our lives and we can't wait to speak with you about your future best friend!

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